Mulch has tremendous benefits to our gardens and plants.

A layer of mulch helps the soil retain moisture but it also encourages micro-organisms to generate nutrients, reduce weed growth, and support a moderate soil temperature. It is important to know exactly what you are buying when it comes to mulch since not all mulches are equal. Feel free to ask us any question about our top-quality products.

Samples of our products are available at our office.


Fine Pine

Black mulch continues to rise in popularity which provides flower beds a professionally landscaped look. It is comprised of enhanced fir bark and is partially decomposed, bearing the appearance of rich, dark soil.



Our finely textured hemlock bark mulch is our most distinctive product. With its signature enhanced amber color, this beautiful mulch is especially striking against an evergreen background.



This blend of spruce and fir bark is aged to a rich, chocolate brown. It has the wonderful scent of a Christmas Tree and compliments any garden or landscape area with a very natural look.


Organic Blend

The foundation of this mulch is horse bedding (wood shavings), aged and screened from local horse farms. Other ingredients include manure, grain, hay, and other organic materials. This mulch nurtures beneficial bacteria, fungi, insects, and worms. These soil organisms help control many plant pests and out-compete the undesirable bacteria making it optimal for growth and ideal for your garden and landscape.


Wood Chips

These pale-colored chips are large shards of freshly cut trees that come directly out of a commercial wood chipper. Wood chips are a great, cost-efficient option for a garden or woodlawn path but not recommended as a soil cover since they often take more than a year to break down, are too coarse to use as a mulch, and can rob plants of vital nutrients as part of the decaying process.


Playground Mulch

This ground cover is used as a protective surface in public and private playgrounds.  It is ADA compliant and comprised of top-quality virgin wood. Since it is IPEMA-certified, it is approved for schools, parks, day care centers, and backyard play areas.  Available for bulk deliveries of 80 yards or more.

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