To determine approximately how many square feet there is to be mulched, start by measuring the length x width of the bed to determine the total square footage. Example a 20’ x 15’ bed is 300 square feet. For a new bed, we recommend 3” deep. If the bed has previously been mulched, you would need 1-2”.

When calculating stone:

Stone is sold by the ton, not the yard. Use the calculator to the left  (or above? Not sure where it is located) and multiply the cubic yards by 1.5.  [One yard of stone = 1.5 ton]

Spread Rate

for Loam, Mulch & StonE

  • 1 cubic yard @ 1" depth covers ..... 324 square feet
  • 1 cubic yard @ 2" depth covers ..... 162 square feet
  • 1 cubic yard @ 3" depth covers ..... 108 square feet
  • 1 cubic yard @ 4" depth covers ..... 81 square feet
  • 1 cubic yard @ 5" depth covers ..... 64 square feet
  • 1 cubic yard @ 6" depth covers ..... 54 square feet

Asked Questions


What type of payments do you accept?
Well, cash is king! However, we do accept, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover and PayPal for your convenience.

Do you deliver?
Of course! Click here for specific information regarding delivery.

What is your lead time for delivery?
We prefer 24 hours however if you’re looking for a Friday or Saturday delivery, please call at the beginning of the week. See our delivery zones.

How much can be delivered?
1 yard up to 100000000! No, seriously. We can accommodate a homeowner looking for a few yards to a contractor working on a massive project.

Where will you dump the material when it’s delivered?
The material will be dumped as directed. We encourage you to clearly mark the area with just about anything. Snow stake, cones, wheelbarrow, recycle bin, tarp etc. all work great. Just mark it and let us know what to look for.

Can homeowners pick up small amounts of materials at the yard?
Yes, of course! We suggest bringing shovels, buckets or whatever you need to facilitate the transfer of the product to your personal vehicle. We do ask for a $20.00 minimum order and arrive between the hours of 10am-12pm or 1:30-3:30 pm.

Will you load material onto my truck/trailer/vehicle?
Absolutely! We’ll load the material on amounts of one yard or more with a $20.00 minimum.

Is there a price break if I order a lot?
Volume discounts are available depending on the product and the product’s availability.  

Please note:

Lombardo Loam and Gravel claims no responsibility for damage to property which includes, but is not limited to curbs, sidewalks, gutters, driveways, irrigation lines, privacy gates, and more. The customer assumes all responsibility when ordering material to be delivered via Lombardo Loam and Gravel or any other form of contracted transportation.